Daughters Bathroom Makeover, it all started with a shower curtain

"It all started with a shower curtain..."

I wanted to give my daughters bathroom a new look..
and we discussed some colors, idea's, and then we started looking
around whenever we went to the store at shower curtains and so on.
 Found some we kind of liked, but nothing that really jumped out at us.

Then we found it..
a pretty ombre design that started at a pretty shade of mint
and went to turquoise.

The problem with this purchase.. (besides the wrinkles in the curtain) :0)

Well, it isn't really a problem, but this purchase kind of snowballed into a
entire room makeover.

I hadn't necessarily planned on painting the room.. but I did.

I hadn't necessarily planned on having to change all the artwork/decor..
but I did.

I hadn't really planned on buying new towels either.. but i did that as well.

Yep.. it all started with that shower curtain.
Ever had that happen? :0)

Here is a quick recap of the before:
It had a very light gray paint color on the walls, dark gray and burgundy color

While this picture makes the room look like it is way too dark,
I think it was mostly that shower curtain.

And I actually purchased a much darker gray paint color, as well as a pretty aqua blue
and painted some test spots to decide on what color to use in this room.

I really liked one more than the other but waited to see what my daughter
would choose...

and she liked the same one that I did, and a darker shade of gray it went.

If you are like me and don't like taking shower curtains on/off anymore than you have to..
I decided to see what I could do to protect it from any paint splatters, and I actually
wrapped the plastic liner around the new shower curtain, twisted it up, and simply flopped
it over the rod and placed it in the center.. it was protected and out of my way. :0)

So the room was painted and ready to decorate.. my favorite part!

So I decided I wanted to keep the star that was previously in this room,
but it needed a new color and spray paint was the answer.
So it went from navy..

To Mint..

But I didn't stop there..
On the shelf I added a spray painted mason jar with some pretty florals,
and this sweet lil bird figurine that we picked up at Michaels.
So cute.

My burgundy decor didn't match too well anymore, and I was debating what to use
on the wall above the towel bar.. I considered my antique old window wood frame
that I have saved for something, but then I found the perfect art piece.

I also picked up this cute set of candle sconces to go on the wall beside the door.. 

And of course had to add this turquoise candle to bring a little more blue
into the space, and I ran across this adorable owl figurine that made its way
home with me.

I also added the white valances to the top of the shower curtain.
I wanted to add another bright pop of white, and I just really prefer a valance
with shower curtains.


I think I may go ahead and give the wooden table a new look as well..
I think a distressed white would make it fit in this space even better.
So that is on my 'to do' list.

So there ya have it.. how it all started with a shower curtain. :0)

Have a great weekend.

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