DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder for the patio

After just Sprucing up our patio set I wanted to either make,
create, or find a centerpiece for it..

Then I remembered I had seen a flower pot that had flowers with
a pillar candle in the center somewhere, so I decided to make my own
version of that idea..

What could be a prettier centerpiece than flowers and candles?
and vintage electric insulators of course.. :0)

So I purchased a red ceramic flower pot, and some pretty white and purple
colored viola's, a candle, and gathered up a few other things,
and I got started..

First up, I put some rocks in the bottom of the flower pot for drainage:

Next up, I inverted small mason jar in the center:

Then I placed the flowers inside, and added some soil to fill it in.
Simply added a clear vintage electric insulator and a red votive candle
and it sit perfectly in the center.

(*note I did mess with the inverted jar and moved it around in the dirt, until I got the height
that I wanted for my 'candle' )

All aglow:

And another idea is simply putting a solar light in the center:

But I really like the look of the candle..

and here is a quick before to the after:

So pretty on the patio..
I am looking forward to sitting out there often.
(with a good cup of coffee of course)

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