DIY Patio Table gets a new look

We were given a new to us patio set and we really wanted it to work on our back
deck, because that is where it would get the most use around here.

Don't ask me why our front deck is huge, (which we really never use by the way)
and the back deck is about half the size. One of those,
 'what were we thinking? moments'.. ya know. :0)

So anyway,  the table to this set is a square shape and rather large so
it took up a lot of real estate on our back deck.. so with some thought
I just decided to break up the set. (yikes right?)

So, the bigger table went to the front deck.. and I recruited an old
round table that would work on this deck much better - only problem..
It is cream..   So spray paint it was.


I took the legs off the the top to spray paint the top of the legs which are
also the base of the table top and visible through the glass top..
so that definitely had to be painted!
After that we put it back together, (hubby helped me with this part)
and then I finished it up by using some painters tape, a grocery store ad,
and more matte black spray paint.

(I simply used the newspaper ad to keep overspray from getting all
over the glass.)

and Waaahlaaaa...

Looks like a perfect fit for our back deck!

On to my next project. :0)

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