Organizing the kitchen with space saving dishes

Since Going red in my kitchen, I have been wanting to get
new dishes..

My pretty shade of orange dishes just no longer matched the kitchen
color scheme.

Besides all of that these dishes took up a LOT of cabinet space.

So debating dishes and looking around I came across a set of crisp white
dishes that had a simple touch of red that I was happy with,
so I decided I would get them 'one of these days'..
and then didn't think much else of it.

Fast forward a couple months and while at the store the other day
what caught my eye.. dishes.
Crisp white with a touch of red.
They were on the end of a store aisle, and on a clearance price of half off.

Yep, the space saving dishes I told myself I would get 'one of these days'.

Space saving you ask?
Why yes, I did take a photo to show the comparison. :0)

Here are 8 plates side by side:

Big difference, 8 Plates = about 3 of my previous set of plates.
Oh how wonderful that is..  They take up so much less real estate in my cabinet..

So neat and tidy..

Cup hooks help free up space. (and are inexpensive)

and this pretty riser I previously purchased at TJ Maxx also helps out with
my space saving, organizing effort in this cabinet.

And I was able to find 3 sets of these dishes after some searching different
stores at the same price.. Yay!

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