Organize it - Recipe Binder

One of my latest projects..

Recipe binders!

My son will be moving into an apartment this summer and we have
been picking up items here and there that we thought would help him
out in his new space.

I thought a cookbook would be nice, but then I decided to take care of
a project I have had in mind for a while and finally get
my recipe binder done, and I would just make more at the same time
so my kids would each have one too.

So I started by finding, typing, and printing up our favorite recipes..
Yes this took a little time. :0)

I made a simple layout on microsoft word, saved it, and then just filled it out
with each recipe as I went along so the pages would be similiar and have a unified

I printed out each category for 'tabs':

Cut them out..

Used a tape runner and placed them on a pretty background paper..

Cut those out..

Then used my laminator to laminate them..

 and cut those out.. :0)
Being sure to leave a longer amount of plastic at the bottom of each 'tab' so I had something
to adhere to the pages later.

Yes, there was a lot of steps.

I printed off category pages as well and also placed them onto a pretty background paper
before placing them in my laminating sheets to laminate.

While I laminated the category pages, I placed the 'tab' that I had previously made
onto the side about where I wanted it and laminated them together.

This part was a little a little tricky, just had to be sure the 'tab' stayed where I wanted it
as the page went through my laminator.

Here it is coming through the laminating process..

Then I used a 3 hole punch on my category pages.. and I used page protectors for my recipes.

After I got them all put together.. I added in a few coordinating blank pages/protectors so
my son can add to it if he wants.

I also have my saved template so I can type up new recipe's whenever and just add to our
books at any time.

I am really pleased with how they turned out and think it makes a nice keepsake.

So another project complete.. Yay!

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  1. I did something similar a couple months ago but yours looks much nicer! Great job! I do want to make one for my daughter and son eventually and I will make theirs look nice like yours. Have a great weekend!

  2. This is such a great idea. I will surely ask my mom to make one recipe book for me like this . :)


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