Bedroom Update Bedding in Black and White

I have been working on updating our Master Bedroom, and it has been a
slow go kind of process.
Ya know the kind right?  Please tell me I am not the only one with those
kind of projects.. :0)

I have had this "What to do in here question?" playing over and over in my mind..
So I just decided to change up the bedding.  I thought that would be
a good starting point.  Plus it is such a quick update that can
make a impact in minutes.  Gotta love those kind of updates!

 Quilt vs. Comforter?   Well.. I  have come to the conclusion
that I prefer the lighter weight quilts.. my reasoning behind that conclusion is
they are easier to wash/dry at home, they are warm but not too heavy in my
opinion, and I really like to layer when it comes to bedding.
(and clothing for that matter) :o)

 So yep, that was my conclusion on that matter.

I decided to look for something neutral, especially since I am undecided what
I want to do in this space.  So I looked for something in black/white, or in a gray/white
color scheme.  That way I could change up the look with pops of color with pillows,
a throw, etc..  So the search was on.

I came across a pretty Gray and White Striped one here  that I was considering,

but then this Black and White one kind of caught my eye.

Eventually that is the one I ended up deciding on.
I went with the King size even though we have a queen size bed and it
worked out perfectly.  It has black/white damask print on one side and
reverses to a more geometric type pattern on the other.

I prefer the damask as you can see.. :0)

I added some fun throw pillows to add a little color and to tie the rooms current
decor together a little more.
 (similar Turquoise pillow here , and the Love you more pillow here .)

I haven't had it long enough to speak of the lasting quality of it,

but so far I like it.

This room is a work in progress.. and has a loooong  way to go.

I definitely have some idea's on what I want to do in here, but I am liking our
progress so far.. the faux leather bench that we added not long ago is a nice
organizational addition and is on my style pick List..  and of course I like
the bedding.. :0)    but there are a lot of things I am debating on..

New headboard?  New Wall Color?  Darker Wall color? Lighter Wall color?
Paint the furniture? Add a rug? and on and on..

Hmm.. Did I mention this is a slow go project? :0)

So do you have any rooms in your house that are just 'slow go'?
Not sure what exactly to do or what you want to do in it?

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