Current Beauty Faves

Since my 40th  *cough* birthday I have been really focusing a little more
on my skincare, beauty products, playing around with different brands of makeup
and just having fun with makeup probably more so now since my Vanity Redo . :0)

So I thought I would put together a "Shop Faves" page of some of my current
favorite beauty products to share with you all.   I know I appreciate hearing and
reading about what others like and what they use so thought it would be fun to
share some of my own.
I will be updating it as it changes, and I have placed a link to it at the sidebar as well
as under my new "style" page.

So let's get to some of my current fave's..


milani "luminoso" blush              clump crusher mascara             anastasia brow wiz

                      nyx butter gloss                             phys. formula glow palette

phys. formula butter bronzer        viva la juicy gold              purity made simple cleanser

These particular items are products that I have personally purchased and that I
am currently using.
I recently picked up the butter bronzer and really like it, and it has a
hint of coconut/suntan lotion kind of smell which surprisingly I actually like.
The butter gloss by nyx.. I would take just about every color, my current
favorite color is creme brulee.
I use both of the mascara's together quite often and haven't had a
problem with them adding little bits and hunks of goo on my lashes.
(spidery lashes anyone?)
The cleanser is definitely my "go to" facial cleanser. I have this in my beauty
arsenol all .. the .. time.  I also use it for cleaning my makeup brushes. :0)
The blush I got because of several recommendations/good reviews and I have
to agree.. it's a good color, and a pretty one in my opinion.
The glow palette is one of my must haves I would say.. a little goes a long way
but I use it as a highlighter on my cheek bones and really like it.
The brow pencil is also a newer purchase based on reviews and they didn't let
me down.. I really like the brush on one end and retractable pencil on the other, and
I haven't had any trouble with it breaking off like some.

So there ya have it, a quick run down on a few of my fave's.
To see more of my fave's go to my "Shop Faves Page Here ".

So what are some of your beauty fave's lately?
Do you read through reviews before purchasing or do you just give it a whirl?
I am definitely a review reader, Lol.. I like to see what others think especially
if I consider it a splurge type of purchase.

Have a beauty-ful day! :0)

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items that are purchased through those links.
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