DIY Makeup Vanity Redo with Lighted Mirror

Do you remember where this vanity started?
It all began with this:

(You can see the original: Blog Post HERE.)

and the finish result was just beautiful and exactly what I was looking for:

However, I made the mistake of using poly that was not water based to seal it,
and the poly eventually changed to shades of yellow, and that was definitely
not the look I was going for.

Lesson Learned!

So I finally decided it was time for a Redo.
Which led to me thinking I should actually use this as a makeup vanity.
Which led to a DIY lighted mirror project. (of course) :0)

So I figured out what I wanted and picked up some inexpensive light bars, electrical
stuff and so on.. and waahlaa..

Added some paint and here is the before-after photo:

It is all glammed up. :0)

I am liking the peacock blue for now, but honestly it has had to grow on me because
at first I was wondering if I should've just went back to white.. for now I like it,
 and it's only paint so if I decide to change it up it really isn't that hard to do.

I kept the original antique mirror that goes to my vanity and have placed it in a safe place.

(Just a note: There are a lot of you tube video's on diy vanity mirrors with lighting 
if you are interested in building your own.)

For mine, I went ahead and added a dimmer switch and a plug end as well.
So I am able to dim the lights to where I would like them, and if I need to use my hair
straightener etc. I can also do that without having to get behind the desk to plug it
in.   Plug ends always seem like they are in the most inconvenient places, what is 
up with that? :0)

So I have also free'd up space in my bathroom as my makeup has now moved to 
my vanity.  I have been having fun organizing it and being able to see exactly where
everything is, which is quite nice.  

Previously it was all organized the best that I could in a 
drawer here , and my makeup 'stuff' has grown quite a bit so it was getting a little 
rediculous in one drawer.  I seemed to always be kind of looking/digging for
the item I wanted.

I am extremely pleased with my little makeup space.. I have already used the vanity
more since I gave it a new look, than I have over the past 2+ years that 
I have owned it. :0) 

In case your interested in the light bars that I chose to use for my vanity
lighted mirror I have included the item photo/link below:
(feel free to click on the photo  of the lights for the product/details)

So where do you like to put on your makeup?
Bathroom? at a vanity? by a window? 

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