DIY a simple but beautiful Christmas Lantern Swag

I am starting to think about Christmas decorating for our home, and
decided to make a new Christmas theme Lantern Swag and get a jump start!

So I thought I would share how I made this pretty swag with you.

 supplies I used:

- Ribbon (3 types - these are wired but not necessary)
- Greenery (Christmas Florals / Picks)
- Twine or a large stretchy ponytail holder
-  Scissors
- Wire cutters

To get started I cut the ribbon to the lengths I wanted so that the ends would drape down
the side of my lantern.
Then I scrunched the ribbons in the center with the ponytail holder behind it, and loop one side
of the pony o through the other and pull tight. (see photo's above)  
You can also just tie a piece of twine tightly and add a loop for hanging it, but for
this particular one I went with a stretchy ponytail holder.

After pulled tight, it looked like this:

This is where I started adding my florals.

Using my wire cutters, I cut the flowers I chose to use close to base but not all the way off,
and I took the leaves off the stem to use them as well.  Using my hot glue gun started adding the flowers/accents to my swag. (fairly close to the top of the ribbons and working my way down)

Tucking in greenery here and there with my hot glue gun..

I chose to use 3 flower stems in a grouping on this swag..

Then when I was getting somewhat close to a full look, I went for a test run to see
what I thought of it on my lantern.

It looked good but I wanted to add more.

So I actually cut a thinner ribbon and tucked/glued it in under
the greenery as well as adding in more fun accents. 
(some red/white berries and clear jewels)

and here she is all ready for decorating for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

 (Just a note: I don't use real candles in lanterns 
and because of this I don't have to worry about this being a fire hazard.)

So,  have you got your (lantern) swag on? :0)

Here are some other pretty ribbons that I found in looking online
that would be great for holiday decorating.. I especially like the second
one.. and of course the burlap!

(you can click the image to see more details about them if interested)



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  1. What a beautiful, yet easy idea. I already have everything I need and will be doing this. Thank you so much!

  2. This is beautiful! I may try my hand at this (after my broken arm heals, of course!!).


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