Fall Decor 2016

I thought I would share a few photo's of some of my Fall Decor that I
have placed here and there throughout my home.

Note: I am kind of fond of  fall florals with burlap.. 
as you will see. :0)

This is a simple chalkboard I picked up in the craft department and added " Happy Fall "
to it  with a pumpkin  (similar found Here ) and tucked it into a grouping of fall decor,
pumpkin candles, and one of my moo cow statue's.
Just cuz. :0)

This grouping is in my kitchen and yep, more fall florals and.. burlap ribbon.
The cute metal owl pick I actually found in the Christmas section.. but I thought
it worked.

Looky there,  I used some gingham fabric.  (uh hmm.. and burlap) 

My Lil Scarecrow kids.. just because they are adorable.

Have you noticed by now that I am also kind of fond of lanterns?
and lantern swags?

Here is one of my favorite lanterns

It has a timer function, and is a nice size and weight but my favorite
part is how the light flickers and has a nice warm glow and looks realistic
in my opinion compared to a lot of the battery powered candles I have tried.

Of course the timer is great because it comes on and goes off on it's own once
I set it.. (gotta love that)
But mostly it is just simply pretty!  especially at night.

Oh the lantern swags..
My fave lantern swag to date is on a lantern that I purchased several years ago,
and of course.. I made it large with you guessed it..
more fall florals and burlap ribbons.

So do you have a thing for lanterns too?
I like how they work all year long, and in pretty much any decor.
Such a fun decorative piece to simply change up the lantern swag for
the season or to match your decor, or just remove it altogether
and you are good to go.

(*If your interested my lantern is by luminara and I
found a similar Lantern Here , or I also found the
single Candles Here that can be purchased separately if you
 already have a lantern.)
(Luminara doesn't know me, just sharing an item I like with you)

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