Free Printables Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Shopping

Have you got your Thanksgiving plans figured out yet?
I was thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and
thought it might be a good time to start thinking about the menu.

Zoom in on what we are going to have, so I know what to shop for and
keep an eye out for if there is a sale at the grocery store, and
then of course so I don't leave anything out.. :0)

The way this year has been going it t will be here before we know it.

So I decided to write out a list for our Thanksgiving dinner, which led
to why not make a simple printable list to share with you all.

So that's what I did..

So to get a jump start on the planning for Thanksgiving Dinner..
Here is a free printable including sections for appetizer, main course,
sides, and desserts.

To get the Free Thanksgiving Printable, Click ---> HERE!

Have you started your Christmas shopping or are thinking about
starting it..  if so you may want to make a list for that as well.
So I also have a Free Printable Christmas shopping list for that..

It has a space for names and space beside that for gift idea's,
and I added a tiny circle before each line, so you could check the name/items
off your list if you'd like,  as well a section along the bottom for added Notes..

Click here -->> for the FREE Printable – Christmas Shopping List!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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