Inexpensive Vanity Stool

I recently just redid my Antique Vanity Here  and since I decided to start using it
for a makeup vanity,  Well.. I needed something to sit on. :0)

Not just any something because my antique vanity has a very narrow
width available for pushing in a chair and that was a must in my opinion. So the
search was on.

I started brainstorming on what I could do for a vanity stool.
I searched online for a chair, stool, etc. and the very few that I found that
had measurements that would work were so expensive I couldn't justify such a purchase.
So I decided I could make one.
The more I was thinking about it I decided I could buy a wooden bar stool and just cut it
down to the height I needed since the measurements that they had would work in my
So that is what I was looking at while at a nearby store, when we came across
this 24" metal and foldable stool.    It had rubber feet which were removable and
I asked my husband if he could cut it down and he said he could, so it went in our
shopping cart.

So we brought it home and I checked the height next to my vanity and decided
where I wanted the height to be.  Took the rubber feet off, and used a tape measure
and silver sharpie marker to mark where I needed each leg cut.  I had him cut it to where
it would be right at 19.5" in height.  Which is probably a little random, but that is the
height I decided on after comparing my office chair to it. :0)

After he cut it down for me, I brought it back in and placed the rubber feet back on.
(being careful as the metal edge was very sharp)

So simple.
For now I am leaving it black because it works.
However, this stool could easily be spruced up, spray painted, and so on
if I decide to change it up at some point.

If you are interested in a similar stool, I actually found one online that is
only 18" tall here: Trademark Gameroom Black Cushioned Folding Stool, 18"..
so it probably would have worked with no need for cutting, or a similiar
24" style is here: Trademark Gameroom Black Cushioned Folding Stool, 24" .

Such a quick and relatively inexpensive solution.
(Plus a little bit of padding on the seat was nice compared to the wood barstool I was
considering at first. Lol)

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  1. Your vanity turned out Very Nice! Great work!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Hopefully it will inspire many of us to do some diy!!

    1. Thanks, I am really enjoying using it each day.. and since getting my vanity done I have realized that it is actually really nice to have a spot to sit to do my makeup. :0)
      Thanks for stopping by!


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