Adding height to a Christmas tree

Recently I told you about how it took 3 stores to find my new Christmas Tree.

But I didn't mention what size of Tree that we actually bought.

While I really wanted a 7.5 foot tree.. the 6.5 foot tree had a much fuller look, and
was just a much prettier tree.  (The 100.00 difference in savings was a bonus as well.)

So I chose to get the 'pretty' tree and save 100 bucks at the same time.. I decided I could
come up with something to make it taller.

So that is what I did.

What did I do?
Well.. I used 3 extremely sturdy (heavy duty) cardboard boxes.. and placed a scrap piece of
board on top of them.  I had help and placed our tree on top, then we just added
a tree skirt. :0)

It is nothing fancy that is for sure.. but it is hidden and we are the only ones that know
what is under there..(until now.. Lol)

I had initially thought I would build a wood base, which could be done easy enough.. and
of course would be a lot more structurally sound.
(So if you have any safety concerns I recommend doing something else)

However, I decided to see if a few boxes would work since I had some heavy duty ones
I had saved to wrap presents in..

While taking some photo's for my post my dog decided he wanted to be included in
my photo shoot this morning.  I think he is ready for his Christmas stocking. :0)
  (He is a schnoodle, which is a mix of schnauzer/miniature poodle.)

I am so pleased with how it has turned out.  

(*We don't have any small children in our home to be concerned
about the tree tipping over or falling, or any other concerns about "if that would happen."
(Such as a cat that may try to climb the tree or so on)
If you have any concerns at all about the safety of adding height to a tree etc. then I would 
strongly recommend building something more structurally sound, or getting the
size of tree that you really want.)

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