Cow Print Mouse Pad Makeover - office update

So remember my recent faux fur Cow Print Chair Makeover ..?
Well, I had a lot of leftover fabric and I was at my desk in my
cool new to me chair and thought my mouse pad was just
looking a little sad these days..   so I decided why not?

It's not a fluffy faux fur after all.. but it is fuzzy and fun and quite unexpected
for a mouse pad, so I thought it would be perfect!
Plus it will match my office Chair .

So I gathered up my old mouse pad,  my faux fur cow print fabric,
scissors, my iron,  and some Heat n Bond and I was ready to get this project going.

(If you don't know what Heat n Bond is, it is a no sew adhesive that you simply iron
on.. good stuff in my opinion!) 

First I cut a piece of fabric to the size of my mouse pad, then I cut a piece of Heat n Bond as well.
Then I simply ironed the Heat n Bond to the back of the fabric. After it cooled I peeled the paper
backing off and was left with the adhesive on the backside of my fabric.

Then I placed my fabric onto my mouse pad and ironed it on..
(I checked it first to make sure it was okay to iron directly onto the fabric.. )

Since the fabric has some thickness to it, I did have to hold it a while and go over it a few times to
get the adhesive heated up enough to work.

Hows that for a fun unique mouse pad? :0)

Here it is near my chair..

Now I am thinking my desk needs a update. :0)
Faux fur? Uh.. probably not - but it would be unique that is for sure!

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