DIY An Adorable Wood Hoop Snowman

We have been on a Snowman theme for the holidays this year..
which all started with our Snowman Top Hat Tree Topper, and went from there. :0)

So I wanted to make a new snowman and decided to use 2 wooden hoops
from the embroidery section in the craft department.
( I used an 8" size and 4" size)

The first thing I did was decide to use a cheap white glittered Christmas Tree skirt for my fabric.
(similar found Here )   I folded the fabric in half to double it up, and placed it into
the hoops and then tightened the screw on each hoop.

Then I cut off the excess fabric from both of my wood hoops.
I placed the hoops together where I wanted them to connect, making sure the tightening
screws were in a place that I knew I would be able to hide them later.
Then using my hot glue gun I glued them together.
I used quite a bit of glue as I wanted a really good bond between the two and I knew I
would be hiding where they connect so I wasn't concerned about glue showing.

Next I took a piece of fabric remnant that I had and I cut it about 2 inches wide, and plenty long so I could trim off what I wanted to later, and I simply tied a scarf onto my snowman.

Just a simple knot, but I didn't pull it too tight, after all I wanted to hide the tightening mechanism.   Then I cut the ends to the length I wanted.

Next I got a piece of cardboard from the lid of a shipping box, a small fabric scrap in black/white polkadot print, some tacky glue, orange and black puffy paint, my scissors, and a couple of buttons.

Then I cut out a simple top hat shape from my piece of scrap cardboard,  and using my tacky glue
attached my scrap fabric to the 'hat', and cut off the excess.

Then I used my hot glue gun to attach my hat to my snowman, and went ahead and added
my buttons as well.

Then I decided this guy needed some matching boots, so I made some boots the same way
that I made the hat.

Then I used my puffy paint to add his eyes and carrot nose, and I added a few little touches like his hat band, patch, and his heart on his scarf.

Just love this snowman.  He is just snow cute. ;0)

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  1. Thank you for the snowman idea. I am going to make one for a friend who loves them.

  2. Replies
    1. Love this snowman, I think this will be fun for my grandchildren and I to make! I'll start collecting everything we need today. Thank you for sharhing🤗

  3. Adorable. Can't wait to make one.

  4. So cute! What size hoops did you use?

    1. Hello, Sorry that I didn't include that in the post. :0) I have updated it now.. oops! I used an 8" and a 4" size. Thanks for stopping by.
      Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


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