DIY Homespun Candy Canes using foil

Homespun candy canes are such a beautiful decor accent for Christmas.

You have probably seen them a lot the last couple years,
and if you are like me.. then you wanted to make them or buy some.

Last year when I first saw them at my sister-in-law's house, I was told she used
plastic candy canes and that she wrapped them with fabric strips.
Which is such a great idea and they looked amazing!

I knew they would look great on my little alpine tree and I decided to make some for it..
However, I couldn't find the candy canes, so I ended up using aluminum foil.

   (*the candy canes seem to be more readily available this year! Yay!)

I just cut a piece of aluminum foil and rolled it up tight into a candy cane shape.

Used my hot glue gun and placed a dot of glue at the bottom of my foil candy cane to stick
my ribbon to. (or fabric)

Then just wrapped it around until I got to the end and secured it with glue.

They look great on my little alpine tree. ( similar tree found here)

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