Finally Found our Christmas Tree only took 3 stores!

(Christmas Tree 2015)

We have used the same Christmas tree for several years and changed the decor up each year or the
overall look/style of it..  but I have always wanted to get a flocked tree.
Just something about them. :0)

So last weekend when we were out of town celebrating
our 22nd anniversary we started looking to see what was out there.
There are some pretty amazing tree's out there! Jaw dropping beautiful tree's!

We finally came across one that we really liked that was on display,
and that was budget friendly in our opinion so we tried to find it in the store..
none in stock. Ugh.

So we went to another store across town.. none in stock.  Double Ugh and a Sigh.

Finally at the 3rd store.. ding, ding, ding - we have a winner!
They had it and it went in our cart and made the trip home.

And of course we had to get it out of the box!

Here it is just after we got it set up.

We had to see it with our new snowman hat tree topper on it.
Awe.. just so stinking cute!

The funny part is I didn't even realize it was prelit!
So that was a wonderful surprise, bonus, and quite a time saver.

Here are some other hat tree toppers I found in searching online..
Oh man there are some cute ones!


So the Christmas decorating has begun.. lots of boxes to dig out of the garage and
go through and decide what is going up this year.
I still may set up our other tree as well.. haven't decided on that one yet.

Have a great weekend!

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