Stocking Stuffers for the Furry friends

Do you put out stockings for the furry family members?
We do.. and have several I might add, so I thought I would make a list
of stocking stuffers for the furry family members to share:

For the Dogs:

No Stuffing Squeak Dog Toys - some of my favorites, because my Odie likes to see what
he can do with stuffing, and if you have ever seen a dog toy get the stuffing ripped out...
Seriously, how do they even have that much stuffing in a tiny dog toy?  :0)

Kong Wubba is definitely at the top of my toy list.. this toy has held up more than
any other I have purchased.  (but we still have to replace them every so often)

Dog Treats are something I would put in their stocking as well.   This particular kind
I have purchased before, and it is suppose to be good for their dental hygiene.
I would buy them again.

For the Feline's:

Cat Toys.. this Variety Pack looks like a good one. Especially if you have
more than one cat.

This Kong Cat Scratcher has some really good reviews. (although it is doubtful it would
fit in a stocking.. just thought I would add it to the mix since it had such good reviews) :0)

Can't forget Cat Treats .. I haven't bought these in particular,
but they had good reviews as well.

I put together a stocking stuffer list for young adults/adults Here if you'd like to see
some more stocking idea's.

So do you put up stockings for the furry family members?  or buy them a gift?
If so what are some other idea's?

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