Stocking Stuffers.. teen through adults

Stocking Stuffers..  Something that has sure changed over the years.
We have a 18 year old daughter and 21 year old son, so the days of hot wheels and
little pet shop toys for stocking stuffers are no longer here ya might say. :0)

So I was searching online and seeing what I could find for stocking stuffers this year
and thought I would make a list of what I can find and share with you.

Who knows.. you may be looking for stocking stuffers as well.
So here are a few of the items I would buy for a stocking stuffer.

For Young Adults / Adults:

          Lip Balm                                                     Gloves

          Fuzzy Socks                    Thermal Socks                   Peppermint Candy


        Chocolate Candy                Small Flashlight              Magnetic Sculpture

       Gift Cards                            Dry Body Brush                  Manicure Kit

      Hand Cream                  NFL Team Toothbrush          Pocket Power Charger

So what are some other items you would add to the Stocking Stuffer list?
Scratch off lottery tickets?

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