DIY a Poufy Decorator Style Bow

I was making some poufy bows to place outdoors for my Christmas decor,
and thought why not share how I do this, so I got out my camera.

Years ago I worked at a flower shop, which I really enjoyed and that is where
I learned how to make these fun bows.
Warning - There will be a LOT of pictures.. :0)

For this project I used:

I start by cutting a piece of wire about 2 feet long, then I fold it in half and give it a couple twists
to make it a little stronger.   ( a heavier wire wouldn't need doubled up but this particular wire
is pretty thin)

Then I loosened up quite a bit of ribbon from the spool.
For this one I used a wired burgundy with silver edges to try to show the details a little better of each step.

First up I take the end and fold it over to the size of loop I wanted, and gripped it where the end
meets where you would like the size of loop to be.

Then made a loop to match on the opposite side.  

(You can see this is a 2 hand project, so
please forgive the photo quality and weird angles as I tried to take photo's while making
a bow..)  :0)

This particular ribbon has a right side and wrong side so if I kept just making loops the wrong side of ribbon would show, so at this point you twist the ribbon so that the right side of the ribbon is making the loop.

I just keep twisting and making loops and continue holding it in the center as I go.

I chose to make 5 loops on each side for this bow.

Since I was done with my bow portion, I cut off about how long I would want the tail, then you 
will just place the end of the big loop into the center portion of your bow and hold it snug as well.

It should look like this.

Now is when I get my wire that I had previously cut and place it around the center of the bow,
where I am holding it.

Then bring the 2 ends of the wire  together, and get my pliers. 

This is where I twist the wire tightly (but not so tight to break the wire) :0)
and at this point it looks like this:

Now is where I cut the big loop.   

Finally it is time to make it pretty.. 
I just pull a bow loop toward the front, then one toward the back, and so on.. 
and since this one is wired it makes it a lot easier to adjust the loops and get just right. 

(If you aren't using wired ribbon you may need to make a bow with 
more loops to make the bow as poufy/full as you'd like)

If you wire is long enough you can use it to attach the bow to a wreath etc.. 
or simply add another piece of wire or string to attach it wherever you would like.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how this poufy bow was made.

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