My Burlap Christmas Tree Wall Art

This project began with this..

A 12" x 12" burlap that is on a wood frame.

I picked this item up quite a while back in the craft dept. for around $5.00 and I just
hadn't done anything with it yet.  So I decided it was time.

I started by drawing a simple Christmas tree design, and then I cut it out.

and I placed my cut out tree onto my burlap canvas.

I chose to use a 1" brush, and using white paint I just dabbed the paint around my
paper tree.
I just held the tree with my other hand, but double sided tape might be a good idea
to help hold it in place.

After I was done dabbing the paint,   I removed my paper tree, and star cut outs and this is how
it looked.

It was exactly what I was going for.. a simple tree design, and it was time
to embellished it with a pretty bow.

I chose a pretty plaid wired ribbon and made a large one loop bow.

Then I used a smaller wired burlap ribbon and made another bow with 3 loops
on each side.

Then I attached the burlap bow to my plaid bow.

(If you need to see how I make my bows in more detail I previously
shared that Here)

Then I prettied up my bow by working with it,  arranging the loops how I wanted
and simply attached it to my new Christmas Tree burlap wall art.

The bow really dresses it up!

If by chance you like my simple tree, I made a printable of it.
You can download it/print it HERE .

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