My new gadget - getting my old home video's on a dvd

I have several old home video's of my children, from when they newborns to now,
our wedding,  holidays, and so on... but of course they are on VHS tapes and 8mm tapes.
(until we upgraded to the dvd style years back) 

So I have always wanted to get all of those older video's upgraded to dvd's but just hadn't done it.

 I recently ran across this gadget that you hook to your video source.. whether it's your
camcorder, vcr, etc and to your computer and then you can download it and burn it on a dvd.
 I thought the reviews looked pretty good and decided it was worth taking a chance on.

So guess what I have been doing. :0)

I am so thrilled I took a chance on this little gadget.
I finally have our wedding on a dvd, and my kids baby video's are now safe on dvd's!
And I am working my way through the others.

One of the vhs tapes actually destroyed itself when I was rewinding it.. the ribbon came
undone at the end and now it isn't usable. :0(  

I am not sure if this is fixable or not?
So that makes me even more happy that I am getting my video's off the old vhs tapes.

I had heard they become brittle and so on as they age, but never had a problem with
that until that one.
I have also heard they are no longer making vhs players, so they will be very hard to find.
So I think this was definitely a good time for me to get this done.

If you are interesting in seeing more about this gadget you can see
similar: HERE or HERE..

(The company that makes this gadget doesn't know who I am,
 just sharing an item I bought and am using and that I am happy with)

I am so excited to get my movie's onto dvd's!

(*Update - I decided to take the vhs tape apart that had unwound the film, 
I used a piece of tape to reattach the end of the film strip to the reel, or wheel, 
or whatever it is called. (reel wheel? Lol), 
then with several attempts at getting the vhs tape put
back together correctly WHEW!, and some prayer.. it worked! 
I was able to get it copied last night! Woohoo!)

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