Clean out the Clutter #3 - the Pantry

We had a winter storm this weekend, so we basically stayed inside as much as possible.

So I tackled a few projects on my to do list..
I got our refrigerator cleaned out, laundry all caught up,
and also took on our pantry and got it organized.

Our pantry pretty much holds boxed items, pasta's, extra's, bottled water,
snack stuff, and so on.
I keep our canned goods elsewhere.

I don't normally have this much junk/snack food in our
pantry.  With the winter storm that was coming and the possibility of electric
being out for a while, I had stocked up on these kind of things.
Thankfully our electric never went out.

Plus these items will come in handy for future lunches.
I have also noticed with these smaller bags of chips vs. a large bag of chips..
I sure don't eat as many that way. :0)

So after rearranging items, and using a couple more plastic containers to corral
the easy to grab granola bars, crackers, and snack bag chips.  It looks much better.

I keep almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and other items in mason jars:

I use small plastic containers to contain the packets of different mixes, and quinoa, etc.

So with a few tweaks it's looking a lot better.

I am so pleased with my pantry space.. in case you are wondering when
I built this Pantry,  I decided to build it with the intention of putting my
small deep freezer inside of it.  I thought about this space quite a while and what I
wanted in a pantry and so on before I finally decided to go for it, and I am so glad I did!

After getting the items all organized, I decided to add some hooks on the inside wall
to give the lunch bags their own designated space.

Little touches can make such a difference!

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