Clean out the Clutter Challenge #1 Travel Mugs

To welcome in the New Year I thought this
would be a great time to get to work cleaning out the clutter!

So I decided to have a
Clean up and clean out the Clutter Challenge!

I would love for you to follow along, join in, and share your progress
in the comments, or link up to share with others as well.

To start off the Clean out the Clutter Challenge..
 I am picking something that is really simple to start out with.

We have a busy week and plans for the upcoming weekend so I wanted to
pick something easily doable and not tackle a big project just yet.

So today's challenge is from the Kitchen:

Travel Mugs & Water Bottles!

We really like our travel mugs around here.. most likely we have one with us
when we leave the house. :0)

We have acquired quite a collection over the years.
Plus we received some new ones as gifts for Christmas, and since the cabinet space
that I keep them on was full - it just made sense to start here.

(some of our pretty new travel mugs.. aaah, gotta say I am loving my orange mug 
that I bought, and that pretty Starbucks one that I got as a gift! Thanks Mom!)

So I got all of our travel mugs/cups, and water bottles out of the cabinet
so I could see them all at once,  and went through them and I was able to pick out
several to get rid of.

The pink floral water bottle I have 2 of but one lid was broken so that was easy,
the silver one had seen better days years ago, the lime green had a chip, and so on.
I am not quite sure why the canning lid was with them. :0)  

So as you can see getting rid of 5 fairly big items, made a lot of extra space and now
our new mugs have a home.

In fact I have room for another, or 2.. :0)

So if you have a lot of travel mugs, water bottles, or coffee cups perhaps
and want to join in please link up below or share in comments.

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  1. omg i would love to get rid of some of ours, we have two shelves full and one shelf has them laying on their sides stacked to the top, i am lucky enough to live with my gaughter her hubs and my two grandsons 3 and 4 but my daughter has a reason to keep them all ha ha, i will try again this year xx


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