Clean out the Clutter Challenge Week #2 (part 2)

I recently took on the upper cabinets and this time I am
tackling the lower cabinets..

These had gotten way out of control over the holidays.. from getting in and out
of them to looking like items were tossed in and the doors shut. :0)

So I am glad to have these back in order!

The lower cabinets hold pretty much our appliances, gadgets, bake ware, and pots/pans.

This one holds our blender, toaster, bread maker, sandwich maker, waffle maker,
and Magic Bullet for smoothies etc..  We use it often so it has to be fairly easy to
get to.  I keep all the cups/blades to it in the plastic container on the shelf.

I did some simple rearranging and wiped some of the items down that needed it.
It was a simple fix.

This cabinet is huge.. although it doesn't look like it,
it goes back a long way.  
So items get tossed around while digging for that one
item that is being searched for if it isn't in perfect order. 
Which is was not. :0)

So I took items out and got them organized in their right places.

What a difference a few minutes can make.

This cabinet just kind of became a hodge podge of stuff.. so I took
the items out and got it reorganized as well.   In doing so I found I had
a lot of extra space so my Food Saver (similar item here) and all the items for it fit great
into this one.. Yay!

I was able to get rid of several items from this quick clean out..

I am glad to be done with the cabinets!
The pantry is still to come. :0)

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1 comment

  1. I've been cleaning out clutter too! Every time I clean, I find at least one thing to get rid of. It feels so good to purge unused and unwanted things. Looking forward to the pantry reveal.
    Have a great week!


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