Clean out the Clutter Challenge week #2 - Kitchen Cabinets

Clean out the Clutter Challenge
Week #2

The Kitchen Cabinets!

My plan:
- Clean them out
- Get rid of the clutter
- Organize them
- Wipe them down

I had already tackled one of the upper cabinets when I went through our travel
mugs/water bottles last week.. so I kind of had a head start.  :0)

but also because of that, it seemed like a great place to jump in for week #2.

So this week I am tackling the Kitchen Cabinets!

Honestly, I am ready to get the kitchen clutter dealt with and move on to something else,
high five anyone? :0)

So to get started today on this weeks challenge,
I chose to work on the upper cabinets.

So here is the next cabinet before pic:

It wasn't too bad, but those plastic lids and containers have a way of just going everywhere..
I had even purchased a divider to help seperate and contain them but obviously it didn't
solve the issue, so I decided to remove it from this shelf altogether and I will find
another use for it.

I really like how it is completely adjustable!   But if it isn't going to work for this
purpose, it is going to move elsewhere. :0)

I had also bought some glass containers recently with lids to use for food storage, 
but had been keeping them elsewhere in the kitchen. 
I decided since they actually fit inside each other with their lids, and are easily stackable
it was time to move them into this space.
  (so I can definitely downsize the plastic containers/lids and that should help with the 
problem of plastic containers/lids being all over)

Yep, that looks so much better.

Next up: 

This cabinet had become a tad out of control over the holidays, but in the spirit of 
keeping it real.. there it is :0)

After putting items where they actually belong in the kitchen, it definitely made this
space look so much better.
Now I won't cringe when I open this cabinet. lol. 

Lastly is the 'cooking' cabinet, basically where I keep spices etc.

It wasn't too bad, just had some stray toothpicks, and items out of place.

If your curious how I made my shelves to organize my spices,
 you can see that post HERE.
( I used wood and velcro  to make them,
and have been using it for around a year and a half now with no issues)

Feel free to share your Clean out the Clutter Progress by linking up or
tell us how it is going in the comments!

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