Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.. 
and Welcome 2017!

It has been a busy past few weeks, but a good busy!
We have spent a lot of time with family and have enjoyed it so much.

We played some games we hadn't played before over Christmas..
like this one: bean boozled

It was definitely a lot of fun.. and honestly it was a lot more fun than I
figured it would be,  sooooo many laughs!

(I gotta say that spoiled milk jelly bean..  uh, it's not my favorite.)   :0)

We also played cranium, some classics like monopoly,
and of course video games.
We just had the best time.  
It went by way too fast, but we made some great memories!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Looking forward to 2017.. may it be good to us all!

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