Master Closet space saving simply

I had purchased some slim line hangers several months ago to see if
they REALLY did free up closet space.. (similar found here)

I didn't have high expectations for them so didn't actually pick up very many.  Basically I wanted
to try them out and see if they were really worth switching too.. and I found that they did save some space.   At least enough to make me want to use them for all my clothes. :o)
So I figured out how many hangers that I actually needed, and purchased more.

  Well.. They have been hanging out in my closet since.. until I finally decided it was time to put them
to use and stream line the closets!

Here is a peak at the before of the hanger situation..

A hodge podge of hangers..

While I had switched several over at this point, it was long overdue to actually use the
additional hangers I had purchased.

So I went through the entire closet, and got to work.

Here is the after:

So much better.
We got everyone's hangers coordinated in color, and I ended up with 2 large bags of
hangers to donate.
Plus while I was at it, found some clothes to donate as well.  Win, Win!

It is so much better to look at a organized closet. :0)

I am debating some idea's on what to do in our master closet to organize it further,
considering making some built in's etc.

Any tips on organizing your closet? Please share.

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  1. It looks great! I love the look of having all the hangers coordinated and a huge plus if it saves space and inspired you to get rid of some clothes that you weren't using in the process!

    1. Thanks Mary Leigh,
      It is so much nicer to walk in a room (or closet) and feel like things are in order.. Thanks for stopping by.


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