Kitchen spruce up, red and turquoise

I have been trying to add in more touches of reds and shades of turquoise in my kitchen..
who knew it was so hard to find a bright red?
I have seen lots of shades of deep reds, burgundy's and so on,
but I have yet to find a bright red tablecloth, or table runner.
I haven't given up, but until I find one I do have a pretty printed
floral one that I look forward to using.   (Come on Spring.. Lol)

So today I thought I would share what I have done so far and a few of the items
that I have found.

I had received a gift card at Christmas so what did I use it for?
New dishes for my china hutch.

However, I didn't do the match-y match-y thing.

I chose cream colored plates and beautiful printed dishes to go with them!

You probably recognize the brand? :o)
 (dishes by: The Pioneer Woman)

I really like the bright colors and fun prints,
and since these had bright red and turquoise I chose the prints that I liked the best
and in my cart they went.

The next thing I did was find some new rugs, this took some time.
I previously have had burgundy rugs for several years,  and it was definitely
time for something new and I really wanted red, but again..
I couldn't find a true red in what I was looking for.
When I did find something close, it was either a bad choice for a kitchen rug,
or not the size I wanted.. but I finally found these, and decided I liked
them enough to go with this pretty shade of teal instead.

I really like the additional pops of color that they have added to the space,
there is definitely something fun and cheerful about adding in some fun
pops of color and prints to a space.

Details on a few of the items shown:
Cream Dishes: Here,   Teapot: Here,  Cow Creamer:Here,
Rugs:  Similar found Here or Here

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! I instantly knew those were the Pioneer Woman dishes. I have looked at her line several times but have yet to purchase anything. I don't really need anything but I do love it all. The colors are so beautiful. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Vicky, my favorite part about her designs are the colors.. :0)
      I hope you have a great weekend as well!


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