a random rambling

This is something I am just gonna title: a random rambling.. Lol.

I had several catchy titles that were just short of amazing.. (not so much)
before finally settling on the cream of the crop: a random rambling.
(did I seriously just say cream of the crop?)

If by chance you are still reading this.. I thank you. :0)

Spring has arrived..  our flowers are starting to show themselves,
gardening, working on my flower beds, and mowing the
yard among all the other yard work chores has been added to the 'to do' list.

Aaaah, to do lists!
They have good days,
and not so very good days on the 'got it done' scale.

Life can get busy after all.

There are days when there just doesn't seem like enough time
to tackle all that I had planned to get done,
spend that 'extra time' doing _______________(fill in the blank)
that I had intended to finally get to,  and on, and on.

Of course then there are some days in all honesty,
I am sure that I could get more done than I actually do accomplish.

Priorities.. right? :0)

They are certainly subject to change.. at any given moment. 
Have your day planned out, and ready to take on that day
and then something comes up and yep,  those priorities for the day

We have a lot going on with the end of the school year upon us.

Our daughters senior prom is this week..
(I am still trying to grasp my baby girl is a SENIOR!),
Then soon after will be her Senior class Trip,
and then... Graduation.

I am a proud momma that is for sure..
Expect tears, there will be tears. :0)

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  1. tears are good, my only grands will be starting pre-k and i know my daughter will be letting loose with tears, all of our kids hallmarks of time cause tears because we love them so xx

  2. Beautiful flowers and I can hardly believe your daughter is a senior! Wow...time flies. Enjoy these last weeks. As you well know...they will fly by!


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