Custom Master Closet part 1

I briefly mentioned I had a project for our Master Closet in mind..
and it is making some good progress.

Our closet was just one of those spaces that I knew had a lot more potential, and
the wire racks  just weren't cutting it anymore.  I  fealt like I had done all I
could with them, and never liked them anyway, so it was time to do something
else and tackle this mess.

After measuring our space,
I started by looking at closet systems and what was available to purchase in
the marketplace.
I did find a set up I liked but wasn't exactly convinced that was the way I wanted to go.
(Plus I would still have to build it, and install it) :o)

So I searched online for idea's, and found several that I liked 'this' or 'that' about,
but then I ended up finding a plan for a closet build here that I liked, and
I knew I could modify it to fit what I wanted.
So I started drawing up different design scenario's, with our closet
layout/dimensions in mind.

(I took a couple different drafting classes in school, so I have the basic 
idea but that was quite some time ago.. ha) 

After I had pretty much decided on a design.. (subject to change of course) 
I decided to just remove our closet door..  it wasn't really necessary.
After all, we never actually used the door, it was always left open.
Now I can take advantage of all the wall space that the
door was hiding inside of our closet in a much more usable way.

Then I moved things around in the closet, used painters tape to tape off the design, and
I even used some small cubby shelves that I already had to get a better visual.

Plus I was able to measure the width of a section of clothes while they were still
hanging to see if they would fit okay in the design layout that I was leaning towards.

I realized I will have to purge a few things.. but that is fine with me.
I know I never wear some of it,  so this will be the nudge I need to get rid of a
few things. (or quite a few things)

So I had my design.
I had the measurements that I needed.
Now it was time to empty the space.

So I took everything out..
clothes, shoes, shoe shelves, hamper, and those not my favorite: wire racks!

Then I was left with a clean slate with several lovely holes from the wire racks, etc.
so I picked up some spackle, and got to work.

Then I gave the room a fresh new coat of paint.

(I used the paint color: Kilz Chipped Granite)

Lumber/Supplies list in hand.. off to Home Depot!

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