Flea Market and Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend.
The weather was perfect so we spent a lot of time outdoors!

We worked on the pool,  getting it all ready for the season.
I am hopeful to get it ready to go by next weekend.

Our daughter had a project for her room in mind so we loaded up
to go to Home Depot to see what we could find,
or get a better idea of what we wanted to do anyway.

On the way there we stopped by a Flea Market, and we found a lot of neat stuff.

I almost bought that little wood table,   I just couldn't think of where I would
put it and I am trying to be careful about bringing items into our house if I don't have
an actual purpose for it.  
I am still thinking I should've just bought it though, lol.

Our daughter did pick out this pretty stool that someone had redone, (so cute!) 
and it works perfectly with her vanity.  So that made the trip worth it right there.

We have a new puppy in our house.
Our daughter recently got this lil guy...

He is a miniature Aussie and just adorable. He has lots of energy, and
is quite smart, and he sure can make ya laugh!
My dog gets along with him very well and they quickly became buddies..
so it is working out great.

Besides this new fella,
I am also dog sitting for our son a bit this weekend as well,
so the fur family is keeping me busy.
I think I would pick busy over bored about any day though. 

On another note I had a lot of feedback on my instagram photo with my
bright pink/purple camo hat, and I have gotten a lot of compliments while wearing it.
While grocery shopping an elderly man told me he thought he almost needed
sunglasses when he saw me, but that it sure was pretty..  it was so funny.

So if interested, you can find the ball cap Here .

I better get busy..
the fur family is waiting on me. :0)

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