We had a busy weekend..
We celebrated our Sons Birthday,
our Daughters High School Graduation,
and of course Mothers Day.

I was up early decorating the yard and inside of the house.
Thankfully the wind wasn't terrible and everything stayed put. :0)

We had a cookout after graduation (pretty much last minute),
so not everyone was able to come but we had a really good time.

I am still grasping the fact that my baby girl is out of school and we will now
have 2 in college.   Where does the time go?

The cookout consisted of lots of food,
a wonderful sunny day, and the kids uh,
youngest adults had a lot of fun swimming.

For Mothers Day I received a pretty bouquet of wild flowers, a candle, and candy..
and I got to pick what to do for the day.

So off we went.  
We went and checked out exercise equipment and went to a new sports store we
hadn't been in.  We really liked it, plus we tried out about every elliptical
and bike/cycle machines in 2 stores.. :0)    I had it narrowed down to 2, and then
made up my mind on the one I want but wouldn't ya know
it is not in stock.  So I will be keeping an eye out for it.

We went to a couple of pet stores, and out to eat, and then of course..
had to stop by Home Depot.  (my kind of store!)

So Happy Mothers Day to me..

I actually already have a version of all of these tools, but they all have to be
plugged in. (except a flashlight of course) :0)  
Which means lugging around extension cords..
which at our house means heavy extension cords because for some reason
all of ours are heavy duty and about 50 - 100 feet long. Lol.

Well, I have had my father-in-laws battery powered drill for a while now, and I use it
ALL THE TIME.. okay, so maybe just several times a week seems like.

So we have been wanting to get our own.  This seemed like as good as
time as any.   So while looking at the battery powered drills, I
knew I wanted at least 18v, and I really wanted 2 batteries so one of them can
be used while the other charges.  So we debated and found that  this set
that came with 2 batteries was a better price than separately
purchasing an extra battery.
So the Ryobi Combo Kit was the winner, and having a battery powered circular saw,
& reciprocating saw..  uh, Yay!
Plus the flashlight is also kind of cool.
(and this set has really good reviews)

I already have a custom closet project in mind..
I am trying to narrow down what it is I want to build exactly and
then back to Home Depot we will go when I have my list ready! :0)

So overall, it was a extremely busy, wonderful, and lots of fun weekend.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mothers Day as well!

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