Must have beauty tool (in my opinion)

I came across this item while walking through the beauty department,
and it just kind of caught my eye.. mostly because I hadn't seen such a thing
before in person.. plus it was in the clearance section which was a bonus..

You may know these exist, but I hadn't actually seen them in person or searched them out
A tiny spatula that you can use to get to that last bit of foundation,
or skin care product, that you can never seem to get to.
(hand claps and high fives all around)

Anyone else turn bottles upside down and hope it runs to the top.. (...eventually)
or beats the bottle onto the palm of your hand, ya know until your hand practically hurts.

Skin care products as well as foundations can be pricey and who wants to
waste any of it, not this gal.
So my daughter and I both decided to pick one up and I just recently used mine
for the first time.

I had a pump foundation that nothing else was gonna pump out of, so I thought
perfect time to give this spatula a go..

I was really surprised at just how much product is still in the bottle..
enough to last several more days.

So that is why I feel like this is kind of a must have.. :0)
(plus it was inexpensive)

I couldn't find the exact one that I purchased to share, I guess because it was on clearance.
However I found similar items below and I would think a beauty supply store would have something similar as well if you have one of those nearby.


This is one of those.. Why didn't I think of that? items. :0)

And while I was searching for similar ones to share with you..
I also found one that is for lip gloss Here.. however, I am not sure I have ever gotten
to the bottom of lip gloss before, lol.

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