Out with the old in with the new

When we purchased our house it had new kitchen appliances in it as well,
and the fridge was definitely on the smaller side,
so I have wanted to get one for quite a while but it is something we put off,
it wasn't really a priority and after all it worked perfectly fine.

It got to the point where I made it a priority.. Lol.
It had metal rails that went across each shelf  on the inside of the door
which has the purpose of holding the items in place, but
from cramming too much stuff in it we managed to break one of them from years of
over stuffing it I suppose :0).  So it was time to do something.

I thought about replacing the rail and I did find it online.. but decided
instead to look at refrigerators.

So after spending time looking at them in stores and comparing
features, I figured out what I wanted and didn't want.

It had to be quite a bit bigger than what we had.
Adjustable bins in the door instead of fixed rails.
The freezer on the bottom.
     (since we have a deep freeze I wanted more space in the refrigerator part)
 A large pantry drawer.
Adjustable shelving.
And one that I could place gallon size/over sized items in the door.

So next I  read online reviews, researched, measured what would fit into our space,
and measured again, and going back and forth on it
(french doors vs. single door, stainless vs. white etc.)
 I finally made up my mind and ordered one.

There is so much more room inside, it was delivered and installed early,
and I am soooo happy with it thus far.

We placed the old fridge in my studio and are using it for extra bottled water, soda,
popsicles, (of course) and extra fridge/freezer space in general.
Which is really nice when we are working outdoors to have that quick access.

Besides our fridge,
I also looked up what a new basket would cost for our dishwasher.. it had started to rust
in area's.. and let me just say, sticker shock is a understatement.  

So I started looking at dishwashers and realized it wasn't that much higher to just
buy a new one.  So I went about looking for one the same way..
chose one and my husband and I went and picked it up and
spent the day installing it.

It shouldn't take a day, it should be a easy and quick thing to do.. but our fittings were
not what was needed for the 'simple' dishwasher hook up, and we had to make a trip
to town to a couple hardware stores and search..  we finally found what we needed
and then it was an easy install. :0)

I am really happy with it as well thus far, and it fits even better into the designated space.

I almost switched to stainless steel, in fact several of the appliances I noticed
were actually priced better in stainless.. which I was surprised by.   In the end
I decided to stick with white.

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  1. Your kitchen looks great! We recently moved and I needed to buy new appliances for the kitchen. I have dark cherry cabinets so I knew white would be to bright next to the dark wood and black would be too dark. So the I decided on bisque or almond colored appliances. I found a stove, dishwasher and microwave but I could not find a fridge to fit the space it needed to go in. Such a frustrating experience!!!! I ended up with stainless, it looks great but it shows everything. :-(


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