Sharing My Style

I mentioned before that since turning the 4   0.
I have paid more attention to my skincare , but I also
tend to pay more attention to my style, and yes,
a little more to my eating habits and health.

I decided I would share a little more about me, and my own
personal style.

I am a mother of 2, our son is soon to be 22 and our daughter is soon to be 19.
I love the outdoors, and I am definitely a country girl.
I am married to my best friend who just so happens to be a cowboy..
Cattle, Horses, ATV's, Trucks, Boots, Dirt, and
other kinds of 'Dirt' (did i mention cattle?) and so on. :0)

I don't own a lot of what I would consider 'dressy' clothes..
however, I have branched out a little in that department in the last year.

To be quite honest, for the most part I always liked different styles and
'looks' (on other people) just never thought it would work or look so great on me,
or the 'what would people think if I stepped out of my norm or the norm' scenario..
which would make it uncomfortable to wear if I am busy being concerned about that.
Anyone else ever think like that? Ugh.

After the summer we had last year.. (major auto accident)
It kind of changed my thinking in some ways..  so I decided that
if I like something, even if it isn't the norm or my norm..
I am going to at least try it on.  Who knows.. I may bring it home and I may
not but at least I went on a decision that I made,
and not a prejudgment of 'it looks good on the mannequin but no way
it would look good on me', etc.
That is a whole other post in itself.  :0)

So in the hopes of helping someone else to step out of their own comfort zone..
I am going to step out of mine here on the blog.
I decided that I am not going to shy away from the uncomfortable,
("getting photo's of me taken.. and sharing them.. very uncomfortable, and
definitely not in this girls comfort zone!)  
and the thoughts that have came when thinking about
posting such a thing as this..  Well, I am just gonna do it.
(before I change my mind!)

So here is one of my everyday go to outfits..

I am a ponytail in the hair, ball cap wearing gal.
(which is really nice for those.. 'don't want to take the time to curl or straighten the 
hair kind of days' ~ or gonna be working outside kind of days ~ just keeping it real) :0)

I am a casual Denim and Tee wearing gal.

(This tee is one of my go-to favorites, less frumpy then a boxy tee, 
 and it is currently on sale for less than 10 dollars. So if you are looking for a casual, 
comfy tee that doesn't hurt the budget ya may want to check it out)

I am a handbag fan..  (just ask my hubby) 

This particular crossbody is nylon and extremely lightweight.
It also has a lot of safety features built in, which is nice for traveling.
I have my share of heavy bags, some of my favorites are quite heavy.. but sometimes I just
don't want to lug a heavy bag..  this was one of those times.

 I also appreciate a good shoe, boot, sandal etc.

If you have spent any kind of time at a chiropractor, you have probably heard good
shoes are important.
So I am willing to invest in quality shoes, sandals, etc..
These sandals by Alegria are some of my current fave's.

Outfit details: 
 Sandals: Here  Tee: Here (petite), Here (tall), or similar Here .
Vigoss capri's: similar Here or Here
Crossbody bag by Travelon: similar Here or Here
Floral ball cap: Here or similar style Here  
watch/tracker: Here 

I have also been trying to make myself exercise more these days,
using the treadmill, occasional workout video, some weights on/off, and trying to
do better at reaching my step goals. (trying being the key word)
I wear this Fitbit Charge 2 to track them for me and I like that it also tracks my sleep patterns,
and heart rate and it is nice to see who is calling/texting if I am not near my phone.. that is
probably my favorite part. lol.
I have been looking at elliptical trainers trying to decide to add one of those into the mix
or not.  There are several options out there.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for in an elliptical
 or recommendations?  If so I'd love to hear it.

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  1. Your style and mine are quite similar. I'm a pretty simple girl...although I do dress up a little more for work. Not too fancy to wor with kindergarteners! I love those sandals. I have been slowly replacing all my shoes with more comfortable ones with cushion and support. The older I get the worse my feel hurt. I need to check these out! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thanks, I love the sandals too! They are a bit of an investment in my opinion, but comfortable and although I haven't worn one out yet I was told that the foot bed inserts can be replaced if that is ever needed. So that is kind of cool. Are you ready for summer break? It is fast approaching isn't it. This year has went by quick! Have a wonderful weekend.


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