Updating the Master Bedroom part 1

I am slowly working on updating our Master
Bedroom now that I have our Closet finished.

It all started when I really liked the paint color that I used in the closet with
white as a contrast, so I decided to see what it would look like in our bedroom
and I painted a focal wall.

It was done completely spur of the moment, so I am glad I really liked how it
turned out,  and didn't have to make a trip to town to buy paint to redo the
entire room.

After the paint, that led to me looking at bedding.

I have found over the years that I prefer layering and quilts.
I use to love a big plush comforter.. but washing them led me to changing my mind.
So lighter weight quilts, blankets etc. are my go to. :0)

I chose a quilt that is off white/ivory with tiny ruffles that are done in different shades
of muted prints.
I also purchased a inexpensive blush colored throw pillow I found.

I am still debating if I like the turquoise, and cow print pillows with the new look..
I may have to switch those out and move those to the guest room, or look for some
fun pillow covers for them.

I also purchased a medium shade of gray curtain panels, and I really like the color with
the other shades of gray that I have going on.
I am still searching for a valance that I like.  Leaning towards a white, or
off white ruffled valance. (like this one )

I will probably look for a gray throw/blanket for the end of the bed as well.
To draw the color downward in the room.

I am considering painting the furniture white or a distressed white, but I know
that would be a time consuming project.  I already like the furniture so I am in no
hurry to paint it.. just kind of a thought that I am somewhat debating on.
Any thoughts?

I have my main computer set up in this room.. this is where I do most of my
computer work.   I had put it in the guest room at one point, but I found I didn't
particularly like it in there so I ended up moving it back.   I may change my mind
again someday but for now this is where it works for me.

We have a smaller house so I have limited options on where I place things,
but of course at the same time I could probably get rid of a few things as well.

Next Items/To Do's on the list for the update:

Find a Valance.
Decide what to put on the walls.
Find a Gray Throw/Blanket.

Plus I want to sort through, organize, declutter:
My Desk,
and Dresser.

Could be dangerous for the 'stuff' in our house..
After purging our closet, I am kind of in 'get rid of stuff mode'. :0)

Thanks for stopping by.

Quilt can be found Here or Here
Cow print pillow - similar found: Here
Love you More Pillow: Here

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