Last Minute Gifts - on a budget

It is crunch time as they say.. 10 days til Christmas. (huh???)
10 days til Christmas!
Wow.. Are you ready? 

I almost am..*gulp*  just a few things I still need to pick up and then
get our food plan figured out.   So excited my kids will be home!

Since I am in the homestretch of my Christmas shopping,
I thought I would put together a last minute gift roundup for those
of us (*uh hmm*) that are not quite finished just yet with our Christmas

Under $50.00

                            Have you played Catan?
We purchased this board game in the last year after it was highly recommended,
and since then have added even more expansions to it.. and we really like it.
(*great reviews)
    This.. The Fire Tv stick with Alexa Remote.
I recently purchased this and really glad that I did!
I am a prime member so to me it just made sense after I saw what it could do.
I can watch prime movies and many other programs on any of our tv's
now. (smart or not)    (*note that some require purchase)
I also like I can simply tell the remote to play music from my amazon library,
or a certain song etc..  yep, still figuring out all this can do, and enjoying it.

                      A Sonicare Toothbrush.
 I realize not everyone will appreciate this gift, Lol.

I recently switched to a sonicare and I was impressed with the difference it makes from a traditional
toothbrush.. and because of that, even though I was pretty much done shopping, I went ahead and decided my family are all getting one this year as well. :0)
(*Currently a 10.00 off coupon is available on select ones on amazon,
 however this could change at any time)

(I think my family is all aware this is going to be under the tree for them, so this isn't a surprise to them if they see it here. Lol.)

Under $30.00

             I picked this item (Echo Dot) because I am pleased with the fire stick/alexa remote that I purchased.. I do not have this gadget yet, but from what I have seen in reviews and online.. it may be something I will go ahead and add to our home soon.
(Especially since it is on sale for 29.99 - reg 49.99)
 Anyone have it? What do you think?

                A Portable Bluetooth Speaker.. I have been looking for a portable speaker to take outside to my studio when I am working, this one has pretty good reviews and is fairly inexpensive, but do you all have any suggestions? Have one you like?

Under $20.00


Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Sorry.. The Classics had to be included!
We are a board game playing family and we enjoy all of these..
we can be a tad competitive, and we have LOTS of games between all of us,
but these will always be in the mix and I thought it was nice to see the classic editions. Fun.

So how are you doing with your Christmas Shopping?
Done?  Just starting?

I am still amazed there are only 10 days til Christmas.. :0)
We actually have a family Christmas this weekend so I will get to
see my kids this weekend too! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend!


                                                                                                              - TinaH

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