Master Bedroom Gets New Floors

I previously redid the floors in the guest room and our daughters bedroom
and I decided that I liked how they turned out so much that I should do
our master bedroom.

So a trip to Home Depot was in order. :0)

Then the "Fun" began...

I started by clearing out the room, removing the baseboard, and then 
started ripping out the carpet and padding.. and of course
the task of removing somewhere around 589,742  staples. (give or take) :0)

After getting the sub-floor all cleaned up and ready to go, I moved on to the next step of
getting all my tools together.

I used a prybar (similar here), a kit that included a block, spacers, etc. that we found
(Similar Here),  a Rubber Mallet, a Hammer, Tape Measure, Compound Miter Saw,
my new Ryobi airstrike for replacing the baseboards (so glad I finally got one),  etc.

Then it was time to get to work..
First up the underlayment, then I got started with the
flooring.. it went pretty quickly overall, and just like the other 2 rooms that I have
done, I am really pleased with the results!

Since Christmas is upon us,
I had to add in a few Christmas touches here and there..
A fun Plaid Throw, (similar here) or (here),
a black and white Buffalo Check Pillow (similar here),
and this whimsical handmade Santa sits at the foot of the bed.
   (he was made by my mother in law)

I also added my DIY Christmas Pillow
  (See how I made it here..)

To the top of this dresser I added my fabric wrapped Christmas Tree's Trio that I made,
and my new ornament I picked up this year.. 
Isn't this snowman adorable?

I also placed a large snowman in the corner so you see it from the living room.
(This cute fella was handmade by my mom)   

I have mentioned several times that we have a fairly small home..
but we love it.
We make the best use of the space that we can and what works for us.

I do have my larger computer in this space, and recently bought a new desk/chair
which I am very happy with.   I know this isn't necessarily the ideal spot,
and I did move it to the guest room/craft room at one point, but I eventually
ended up putting it back. :0)

Maybe one of these days I will move it out again, but for now this works.
(to each their own)

(you can see my cow print mouse pad diy Here )

So there they are.. my new floors. Yay!
(They are actually a little darker than they are showing up in some of the photo's)

(color is: saratoga hickory)

I have been debating on putting them in our kitchen as well, but
I will probably think on that one a while.

I may also eventually get a rug for this room,
but for now I am just enjoy seeing the pretty new

- TinaH

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