Surprise Christmas Tree Themes - Beauty & Candy

I have a small Christmas Tree set up in each of my kids rooms,
but so far they have just had Christmas lights on them.

That simply won't do. 😉

I decided to decorate them with a "surprise" just in time for them coming
home for Christmas.
  (my kids are young adults now 19 and 22)

For my daughters room I decided to go with a "beauty-full tree"  get it? :0) Lol.

I decided to use beauty and hair items for the ornaments.
So of course.. break out the hair rollers, how perfect, Lol.

Then I went to my vanity.
Anyone else have a drawer full of beauty product samples?  :0)

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy trying new products, in fact
I have a ongoing subscription to receive them..  however,
sometimes I do end up getting doubles here or there, or it just isn't a color
I would wear, or I know it is something my daughter would really like so I keep it for her.

So I gathered up several beauty product samples that I think my daughter will enjoy,
got out my hot glue gun, twine, scissors, and I got to work.

To turn the items into ornaments, I simply cut a small piece of twine added a tiny dot of hot
glue and stuck it on the back of the item.  Waaaahlaaaa.

I placed a large red bow on top and put a tiny green bow at the center.. then I proceeded with my
tree decorating and loaded it up!

lots of makeup and beauty samples, and of course some candy.

For my son's room, it ended up being mostly Candy. :0)
However I did buy a manicure set, and some car cleaning wipes.. (similar here)
it was hard to find something inexpensive and small enough to use as a ornament.

Isn't that the cutest little Santa?

They were so fun to create, and turned out so cute.

I actually went ahead and added even more things to surprise them with as well..
and have thought of a few other items that would work.
(such as car air fresheners, jewelry, nail polish, etc.)

I think they will bring a smile to their faces when they get here..
which definitely brings a smile to mine!

Just a few more days.. so excited!

                                                                                                          - TinaH

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