2017 Fave's - A trip to Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Happy New Year to you!

I was thinking about some of my favorite things of 2017 as we head in to the new year,
and 2017 was busy. :0)

My daughters High School Graduation,
Senior Class Trip..
College decisions..
College Tour..
College Enrollment..
College Planning..
College Preparing.. Shopping.. Packing..
and then her moving for college.. :0(

and about a million other things 2017 had going on. :0)

However, during all of that, we did manage to take a week off for a vacation.

One of the stops on our vacay list was going to Pawhuska, OK to visit
the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

The building is beautifully done.. it is really something to see if you enjoy that sort
of thing. :0)

Here are a few pictures that I snapped while we were there..


The pretty floors..  and the pretty displays of items.

I think my favorite was the large basset hound statue!
So stinking adorable.

All of the beautiful wood tones, and rustic and fun accents..


and of course those trucks!
So much fun.

Beautiful stairs.. photo's on the walls.. and something interesting to see all over.   

In fact after we left I was looking through my photo's that I took 
and I saw things I didn't  even notice while we were there.

Even the bags that they put your purchases in are adorable. 

We enjoyed going there, and plan to go back again sometime.

After we left there, we decided to walk around town.
There was quite a bit of construction going on,
(as you can kind of see in the above photo),
but some cute shops here and there to check out.

(Wow, my hair was a lot longer then!) :0)

This piano was on the sidewalk while we were walking around town,
and it was all decked out with flowers, and I thought it was too pretty
not to take a picture of it.

Which looking at it now makes me even more ready for spring!

Bring on Spring, and Flowers, and Sunshine, and Warm Weather!
Looking forward to it, how about you?

We had a lot of great times in 2017, and I am looking forward to all the wonderful
days of 2018!

 (did I mention that I am also looking forward to spring?  I am.. just wanted you to know) :0)


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