Fri-Yay: a look at my week and kitchen decisions

This week went by rather quickly, or maybe it felt like it because I was just really busy..
or a little of both. :0)

We have had some crazy cold winter weather here so I have been indoors for
the most part when not working in my studio.
Which means I got to tackle a few things that needed done.

I decided to work on the linen closet in the master bathroom which led
me to going through my nail polish mess collection.

 Yikes.. after getting it all out and seeing the crazy amount of nail polish that I have accumulated..
(above photo is just part of it)  I don't think I really need to buy any for a while.  
(well, probably not this one at least since I had 3 bottles.) :0)

As much as I really like my bright polish, and I do. 
I like the muted tones as well.
I really like this color called: Tan Lines.. it is such a pretty pink.
I couldn't find this exact one online, but this polish line can be found here.

How are you doing with your 2018 goals so far?
Well, we did get a exercise bike, so that is a start.

Moving on to something else,
I have been debating on several design/decor idea's around the house.

Painting my kitchen cabinets is one of them. 
I really like the look of white cabinets,  and that is a project that
has been on my mind for a long time.
I am still debating it, but I am leaning more and more towards taking it on.

See my Kitchen Tour Here.

While I am making up my mind on that,
I have also been debating on a back splash.
I have been searching online and looking through tile designs,
and decorative tin tiles like this one,
However, I also kind of like the idea of a weathered barn board/distressed look.

So I painted a few leftover flooring sections with a distressed/worn technique
and placed them up to get a visual idea of how something like that would look.

We have been looking at it all week and I actually really like it.

Any thoughts on painting cabinets?
Have you ever painted oak cabinets and how did they turn out?

I have been researching a lot of tutorials and tips so if I decide to jump in, hopefully
I do it right the first time.

We are suppose to get above freezing today and even hit 60 this weekend.. oh boy
am I looking forward to that!  

                                                                                                                       - TinaH

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