Guest Bath Update - Wainscoting

I recently decided to finally tackle a project that I had been wanting to do
for the longest time, but I just hadn't gotten to it..

Add wainscoting to our guest bathroom.

Here is the before:

I really like the colors I chose in this room, but it just seemed like it needed something.
First I took out the wooden shelf, and I changed it out for a metal tin to hold extra towels.
Which made this room feel a little bigger and less "busy".

Then I measured for everything I needed and we headed to the Home Improvement store.
While we were there I also ended up finally purchasing a ryobi air strike that had been on my wish
list for a long time, and I am so happy I did because it made this project go so fast.

I cleaned out the room, 
and got to work.

It's a thing of beauty isn't it? :0)

I went ahead and chose the bead bead that was already cut to the height I wanted,
(easier to haul home/easier to handle/less work.. so it was the winner!)

and this entire project took me less than a couple hours to complete. 

It probably would've went even faster however I had to do some disassembly to my 
Shelving Unit so I could move it away from the wall then I was able to  finish that side
of the room out as well. 

What a difference a little wainscoting and trim can make. 

I feel like it has brightened the room up so much, and gives the room
a beautiful finished look now.

Now I am debating what room to do next! :0)

                                                                                                                                      - TinaH

Room Details: 
 Towels Here,
Shelving Unit Here,
Couldn't find my exact shower curtain,
but found a similar option Here.
(You can also see more on this bathroom Here, and how I 
framed my bathroom mirror Here

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