Favorite Gardening Tools and Gadgets

Since I have been spending a lot of my time working in our yard.. a lot.. as in just
about every free moment that I have weather permitting. :0)

I thought I would put together a few of my absolute favorite garden tools and gadgets.

First up.. my adjustable rake!
I decided I wanted to get a new rake and this is the one that I chose.
Seriously, I do not know what I did before I bought this..  in fact I really want and plan to
get another so I have a back up in case something ever happens to this one..
that is how much I like this tool.   It works soooo much better than our old one does.
It adjusts from a smaller sized/tighter tines to a wider angle and it works so well.
It is a definite must in my book.

My collapsible wagon/cart.
I use this thing.. all    the    time!

I haul my plant starter, shovels, rake, loppers, hand tools, scissors, landscape fabric (one of best in my opinion), landscape staples, mulch, plants, and all sorts of stuff around the yard with this thing! 

I have actually even hooked it to my atv to haul around the yard with some heavier items such as potting soil/mulch when I didn't want to pull it by hand.

Yep it is another must in my garden arsenal, plus when not in use it collapses into a compact
size for storage which is really nice.

(*I also have a much bigger heavy duty trailer that I normally use with my atv for hauling the 
heavier items, such as: decorative rocks/a lot of dirt/sod/several bags of mulch etc.)

A good pair of gardening gloves.
My hands really appreciate it when I remember to wear them. :0)

A watering wand.. I couldn't find my exact one but this one is very similar.  I have a lot of plants
to water and several new tree's and evergreens that I have planted this year and having a 30" wand helps because you don't have to bend over to get the water at the base of the plant..
a must have when you have a lot of planting area's and tree's to cover like I do.

There are so many things I could name here..
garden cloches , (or hotkaps), good pair of pruners, soil thermometer, watering can,
hand trowel/hand tools, and on and on.

My studio has been turned into a faux greenhouse for the past several weeks
as I had been picking out plants here and there but really needed to be patient until
the temperatures cooperated.
So glad I have been able to start planting!

I would love to have a small greenhouse/cold frame. 
I have been looking on/off at some seeing what is out there and comparing.
Any recommendations?
Also what are some your favorite gardening tools/gadgets?

Thanks for stopping by.

                                                                                                           - TinaH

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