My Inexpensive Hanging Planters

If you follow me then you know I recently built a rustic fence across my front yard and I
decided I wanted to place some sort of hanging baskets so I could plant some flowers along it as

I looked at purchasing some but decided to see if I could make something at a better
price point since I was thinking I wanted several and that would get expensive rather quickly.

I found a roll of 1/2" hardware cloth wire that cost less than the price of one hanging basket
and decided to see what I could come up with using the roll of wire.
So I basically shaped it, wired it together, and used landscape fabric to hold the soil/flowers.

So far I have made 4 planters out of one roll,  I think I could probably get 2 more out of the same
roll. (the roll of wire was approx $10.00)

However, I really want to see how they do first.

The cut edges are sharp,  and I did end up with a few scratches etc.. :0)
Inexpensive is nice, but sometimes the extra cost of something can be worth it too Lol :0)

Here is the one that I made and placed on our deck..
(You can see in this picture how I folded the edges over to help reduce the sharp edging)

It is doing really well and I love how it looks.

And here are the 3 that I placed on the fence as of now.

I chose to plant creeping jenny, petunia's, and alyssum

So far so good.. and I think if they do well and the plants fill in they will be a lot prettier.

I am really curious to see how they do in a few weeks.

I may end up changing these out for something bigger.
(I am thinking something similar to this oneor perhaps even this one  since it is less expensive and might actually be a really fun shape to put there)

If I do change them out I will definitely be moving these to our deck.
I really like the look of the planters, (especially at the deck).
I am basically debating if they are substantial enough for the fence as they kind of disappear right now to me, and don't really stand out like I would like them to.. so I guess I am trying to be patient and see if the flowers fill in very quickly or not.

But either way, I am enjoying them.

So many yard projects going on..   Love spring time and working outdoors.

I think (so far) I have planted 5 tree's (3 brandywine maple/corkscrew willow/flowering pear),
12 evergreens (blue spruce, dwarf blue spruce, dwarf alberta spruce and so on.),
I also started a hedge of boxwood, and about a thousand other plants.. (slight exaggeration) Lol :0)

I decided this is the year that I finally plant more tree's and there are still more I want to get..
I am enjoying thinking about how I want it to look and how it will look a few years down
the road.    I am the type that likes projects and lots of them.. just ask my husband. :0)
I think this year has been probably even more so since my youngest also moved out for
school and it has been good to keep busy if ya know what I mean.
(miss my kiddo's)

So have you had any fun garden projects going on?

                                                                                  - TinaH

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