2018 Graduate and a kitchen sneak peek..

Last week just happen to be a wonderful and really busy week,
or a busy wonderful week, or how about
a wonderfully busy week.☺

Our daughter graduated high school last year, and
has been attending a Cosmetology school for the last several months,
and as of last week is now a graduate.

So we spent a couple days visiting her, and going to her graduation ceremony.

I do believe I have seen just about every hair color option possible over the past
several months.. well, just about.   :0)
So fun.

(flowers we surprised her with)

Then after the ceremony we all got to go out to eat together to celebrate,
and topped it off later with cake and ice cream.

My daughter also took me to a new store which just recently opened and it was fun
getting to spend a little extra time with her looking at all the neat finds.  Neither one
of us bought anything but it was fun just hanging out together.
I cherish those moments.

Her graduation day was actually mid week, so my week was kind of thrown for a loop.

Going out of town on Tuesday and getting home late Wednesday evening
made me feel like Thursday was more like a Monday and so on..  Lol.
So my week was all out of whack.

 It was a lot of fun, so proud of our kids.

On another note I am finishing up the kitchen cabinet project, and thought I would share
a sneak peek of my progress.

I love it with my faux barnwood backsplash!

(you can see how I made my faux barnwood backsplash Here)

Posting the final kitchen cabinet reveal soon. :0)

- TinaH

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