July 2018 - A look back

I thought it would be fun to have a look back, sort of a rewind of the month of July!

July is my birth month and we celebrated my 42nd birthday this month.
We went and spent a weekend with the kids
and were able to finally all get together and go out to eat.
Schedules.. ugh.. :0)

Finally all of us getting to spend some time together.. the best gift I could've gotten!

~ ~ ~ 

Our daughter came home another weekend and we went to a rodeo, and it was prob
one of the first we have went to that was comfortable.. now I am not talking about the
hard as a rock bleachers mind you, nothing comfortable about those. :o)
However, it was not too hot and not too cold, 
and not raining. (been there/done that.. and left early) 

My husband and I joked that it was probably the first time in a long time we have
been out that late by the time we got home. lol.

~ ~ ~ 

Running across a good price on something that I use everyday was a nice find.

Free shipping was a nice bonus too.
still available: Here

I also picked up This Eyeshadow Palette while out and about,
and I am very happy with it.  A lot of nice neutrals.

~ ~ ~ 

We decided to get another hummingbird feeder as I was having to refill ours so often.
The hummingbirds have really enjoyed all the flowers and our yard this year.

If you follow me on instagram then you probably saw the video I posted of them.
How fun.  (You can follow me on instagram: Here)

~ ~ ~ 

I am also just about done with my kitchen cabinets! Wooohoooo!
The new hardware I chose is here and I am so pleased with how it is all coming together.
Looking forward to sharing how it has turned out soon!

Here is to a wonderful August!
                                                                            - TinaH

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