The Camo Trend

Anyone else really like the Camo Trend?
I think it is a style that is pretty much here to stay, but to be honest
I would be wearing it whether it was considered a 'trend' or not.

From high end designers to much less expensive options.. it is all over.
I was searching through Amazon, and I thought I would go ahead
and put together some fun finds today.. camo style.

If you follow me, ya'll know I love a good ball cap!
Not only because they are cute, but if I am in a not wantin to fix
the hair today kind of mood.. I reach for a hat! 😉


My camo one gets quite a bit of wear.. and I think I actually have 4 or 5 in a camo
print alone.
Maybe I should do a post about ball caps and share the rediculous amount that I have.
my collection.  😉 

(because ya know when you have a excessive amount of something, ya just call
it a "collection" to make it sound better) 
No issue with too many hats here.. it is a collection after all! Lol.

Here is a little sneak peek at some of my 'collection'.


 I don't think I realized just how many that I actually have until I started pulling some
out of the closet. 

I think it is probably time for a closet clean out!

However, I do not have the distressed gray one that I ran across while searching,
and I think I probably need it in my life.. don't ya think? lol.





There are some really cute and stylish Camo options out there from joggers to tunics and tee's.
I saw earrings, handbags, some funky boots, and I even ran across fanny packs in camo..
Camo fanny packs ya'll! (not the more sleek ones that are more on trend these days, the big poufy adds pounds where ya don't want it kind)    Notice I didn't share that one, Lol. 

(you can click on the images above if you would like to check any of the items out further)
*affiliate links - which just means I may earn a small commission
 if you choose to purchase something

I had better get to work on my meal plan/grocery list for the week..
The pantry and fridge are in desperate need to be restocked, and I am trying to be
more intentional with grocery shopping which hopefully leads to making healthier
choices.  That's the plan anyway.

Have a blessed weekend!

                                                                                 - TinaH

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