3 new beauty fave's inexpensive blender sponge and olive nailpolish

I thought I would share 3 beauty items that I have just recently tried out and I
have added to my current faves list..

First up is I was searching for a camo green or a olive green nail polish and I just couldn't find one locally, so I searched online and this is the one that I purchased. ♡

It is exactly the shade of green I was searching for, which isn't always the case when
I purchase something online.
I have had a few surprises with lip product colors in the past, lol. So I am a little more picky
at what beauty products I purchase online.
This one however was a win all the way, Love it.  (especially for fall!)

Next up I needed a new sponge blender as my little Gracie girl got ahold of mine.
(Gracie is my yorkie) :0)

Not particularly wanting to spend a lot on one, I went with this blender.
It is a wonderful option in place of the more expensive beauty blender we all know and love,
seriously pleased with it, and I will definitely go to this one again in the future. 

(reg. $7.99 / was on sale here for $6.19)

Lastly I had received a sample of this eyelash conditioning primer  and after using it
several times, I went ahead and bought it.
It definitely adds a little oomph.

I am so glad I gave that blender a try instead of forking over the amount of the one
I normally buy.

And can I just say.. ♡ this green!

What kind of beauty items have you added to your fave list lately?
I am such a fan of the camo green color..
and camo prints for that matter.
Seriously did ya see my camo hats? Lol.
(you can see a peek at my hat collection here)


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