5 tips for an Organized Makeup Vanity

My top 5 tips for organizing a Makeup Vanity.

Learned by trial and error. Lol.

#1 - Keep Like Items Together

It is so frustrating to me to be looking for something,
 in a  mess pile of a lot of somethings.
does that make sense? :0)

Who has the time or patience for that? Lol.

I use to have a drawer in the bathroom vanity that I kept everything in, and while
I tried to keep it organized, there were always those hurry up moments
 and things ended up all willy nilly, so to speak.

Which brings me to tip number 2.

#2 Containers 

To keep like items together, you need something to corral them.

Small glass mason jars are one of my go to's, they are inexpensive, easy to find,
 they work great for nail files/tweezers, liners/pencils, makeup brushes etc.
I have also found they fit in drawers that have a little depth to them which is
a plus in my book!

My other favorites would be clear acrylic organizers. 
They look neat and tidy, you can see what is inside, and actually hold a lot depending
on what you get.

These acrylic containers are perfect for lipgloss/lipstick, pencils, 
mascara, brushes etc. and they have 24 sections to hold quite a bit.

I have 2 of these and love them.

Plastic bin/baskets are also great in drawers to keep things separated,
contained, and for a lack of better words, tidy.

A variety of sizes can be Found Here.

#3 - Go To Items in a Go To Spot

If you have a tendency to use the same 5 items everyday,
then it might make more sense to place those everyday items in a quick go to spot.
Perhaps a decorative glass or mirrored tray that you can leave out,
or something as simple as a small makeup bag.

They will be easy to find, and your other non-everyday items will
stay more organized on a hurry up kind of day if you aren't looking
through them for your go-to's.

#4 - Putting it back where ya got it :0)

This is kind of self explanatory..  but just like everything else,
if you put the item back where you got
it then your items stay better organized. (and easier to find)

I know there are a lot of crazy hurry up moments in life however,
so instead of tossing them in the drawer,
perhaps leave them to the side, or in a small bin/basket or tray,
 and put them back when you get a minute.

(similar glass tray found here)

#5 - If it doesn't work for you, change it up.

You do you, as they say.
I have learned over the years that I like things kept a certain way
and that makes getting ready in the morning just go more quickly.

However, what works for me, may not be what works for you.

How do you organize your makeup?

I have always enjoyed makeup, and I would say
probably even more so after making my mirror to go with my vanity.
(I will link that post below)

I kind of go from minimalistic makeup to all out primed/prepped and painted,
depending on my mood. Lol.

How about you are you? Minimalistic or an all out'er? :0)


Items Used / More details:

How I made my vanity mirror: Here
Crystal/Glass Tray: Purchased at Flea Market, similar found here
Plastic Bins for Drawers: (variety of sizes)Found Here
Acrylic Organizer: there are so many options, my tip is to be sure to
check the measurements on them if ordering online.
I like this one and this transparent pink one is fun.

Some items that would be useful and/or pretty for a vanity:
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